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Vitamin D levels in breast cancer patients is linked to survival

Vast advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, but it still results in significant mortality and morbidity. In the US, breast cancer ranks second in causing cancer-related deaths. Previous epidemiological studies have linked circulating vitamin D levels to protection against breast cancer. Serum vitamin D (Serum 25OHD) levels have also been positively correlated  to better therapeutic response  and  improved disease-free survival. Now, new results from American researchers in the journal JAMA corroborate previous studies showing that Vitamin D levels are linked with lower risk of breast cancer morbidity and mortality.
The results are from a prospective cohort study of breast cancer survivors, which was initiated in 2006 with enrolment lasting until 2013. At the time of the publication of the paper, patients were still being followed up. In this study, patients with invasive breast cancer were enrolled  within 2 months of diagnosis and were  followed fo…
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